Role: User Experience Research Assistant.

Dates: February 2015 - May 2015.

I was a part of a team that specialized in usability science across all Google Search Products. Each week, we used a variety of methodologies to provide design, engineering and product teams with feedback and actionable insights that we gathered from users. Some of the products that I conducted studies around included Google Maps, Google Now, Voice UI, Public Alerts, and European Privacy. 


Google Maps

 Source: Google Maps, December 2015

Source: Google Maps, December 2015


Being able to search along the route in Google Maps was recently introduced in 2015. My team was responsible for understanding what users wanted in such a feature. I assisted with the usability studies and created highlight videos to evangelize our findings. 


Google Now


Google Now was first released in 2012 and functions as an intelligent virtual assistant. As part of a visual design survey, I assisted with the design of the study and prototypes. I administered the survey with over 40 participants.