I am a creative technologist and researcher specializing in user-centered design. I am interested in developing new technology to solve some of the most complex problems. 

Specializations: Hardware, software, web, and mobile development. 

UX Methodologies: Analytics, Card Sorting, Competitive Evaluation, Concept Testing, Contextual Inquiry, Data-Informed Personas, Prototyping, Ethnography, Interviews, Lean UX, RITE, Strategy Development, Surveys, Usability Studies, and Wireframing.

Background: I have a master’s degree from New York University in Interactive Telecommunications. I received my bachelor’s degree in Global Communications with a minor in International Business from the American University of Paris. 

In 2007, I became a Reach Film Fellow and produced a participatory documentary about children in conflict with the law in the Philippines. The Project Artist Foundation was created as a result of this film to support alternative education programs for at-risk youth in developing nations. During the 2009 Those Who Do Doritos Campaign, I appeared on the back of over a million Doritos bags bringing awareness to the plight of children living below the poverty line. My work has been recognized by American Eagle, Dosomething.org, AT&T, and AMADE Mondiale.

UNICEF Innovation awarded me with a grant in 2013 to explore the use cases and future possibilities of drones for humanitarian applications. I have presented my research on drones at the 2013 Open Source Hardware Association Summit, The 2013 New York City Girls Computer Science and Engineering Conference, and The 2014 United Nations Crisis Information Management Advisory Group Retreat.

Awards and Fellowships: 2017 IDEO CoLab Fellow, 2016-2017 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Fellow, 2016 O'Reilly Design Conference Scholar, 2013 NYU Prototyping Fund Recipient, 2012 Warby Parker Hackathon Winner, 2011 AT&T Action Scholar, 2009 Do Something Awards Finalist, 2007 Reach Film Fellow, and 2006 American Eagle Live Your Life Awards Honoree.