Role: UX Designer and Researcher.

Year: 2013.

Project: RangeWearable and App.

Purpose: Always on and always connected to a user's nearest and dearest. 

In our world of connectedness, we must filter through our many sources of networks to keep awareness of the people closest to us.

Working in collaboration with Michael Gambale, Josh Begley, Maria Paula Saba and Ingrid Gabor, we proposed a watch-like interface entitled, Range, for the 2013 Microsoft Design Expo. 


It works like a doppler to reveal the people in your life closest to you (in status, distance and time). If one of your closest members is unavailable to chat or interact (sleeping, driving, important meeting, etc.) they fall off your “radar” as if they were truly out of range. They reappear when they are available to you. Friends who are closer to you in distance appear closer to your center circle. Tapping on your center circle reveals their distance from you in commuting time.